Extended Stay Hotels

Sonesta Extended Stay Hotels — Your Home Away from Home

When planning a long-term getaway, whether for business or pleasure, it can be difficult to find the right accommodation that can replicate the comfort of your own home.

Rental properties often have restricting minimum stay requirements and limited amenities, while regular hotel stays can be costly when booked long-term.

At Sonesta International, we offer a wide variety of weekly hotels, along with long-term stay and extended stay properties for every type of traveler and every budget. Browse our selection and find your next home away from home, wherever your travels take you.

Extended stay hotels are properties that are designed to accommodate their guests for a prolonged period of time — usually, for one week or more. They are also referred to as long-term stay properties or weekly hotels, if they charge guests on a weekly basis, instead of a nightly basis.  

In terms of the services and amenities, extended stay hotels are a combination of short-term rental properties and regular-stay hotels. Some of the amenities that extended stay hotels offer include:  

  • Fully equipped kitchens 

  • Laundry services  

  • On-site convenience stores  

  • Conference rooms and business centers  

  • Swimming pools and gyms  

  • Bars and/or restaurants  

  • Outdoor recreation facilities (barbeque areas, basketball courts, etc.)  

Just like short-term rental units, rooms in extended stay hotels are outfitted with equipment and appliances to make the guest’s long-term stay more convenient and comfortable. These usually include a fully-equipped kitchen or kitchenette, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi, and a TV with cable access or streaming apps.  

At the same time, extended stay hotels also offer the same on-site facilities and services as regular-stay hotels, including maid service, room service, laundry service, shuttle service, a gym and/or a spa center and conference rooms.  

Sonesta extended stay hotels offer all of these services and more across locations in every major city across the United States. Whether you are a business traveler who frequents a certain city for work or a digital nomad always on the road, you will find the same high level of home-like comfort at each and every one of our hotels.  

Compared to regular-stay hotels, extended stay hotels are considerably cheaper in terms of the nightly rate — sometimes, by as much as 50%. Extended stay hotels also have much longer stay length limits or no limits at all. By comparison, most regular-stay hotels only accommodate their guests for up to 30 days.  

Compared to short-term rental properties, extended stay hotels are more comfortable and convenient, since they offer hotel-like amenities and services that are included in the rate.  Extended stay hotels also typically boast well-connected and communicative locations close to the main points of interest, which makes them ideal for both business travelers and tourists who love to sightsee.