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Bee Sanctuary

To continue striving towards being a more eco-friendly hotel, The Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel hosts 10 hives with over 10,000 honeybees on the roof of the hotel.

The Clift has been a large part of a spearheaded an effort to encourage city hotels to keep bees as an environmentally friendly initiative.

The honey produced is proudly used in the hotel's craft cocktail drinks as well as dishes to include the compressed watermelon salad with lavender-infused honey and goat cheese.

Local beekeeper Roger Garrison is in charge of installing and maintaining the hives at The Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel.

Hive Facts

Each hive contains one queen (which lays about 1,500 eggs a day during spring build-up and can live five years or more), female worker bees (which collect pollen and nectar in their last stage of their lifetime of thirty days or so by communicating to one another where the food source is to be found through a behavior known as the waggle dance), and drones or male bees (which are expelled from colonies late fall and won’t reappear until early spring for its sole purpose of mating with a virgin queen).

  • Each hive can grow up to 70,000 bees and can produce up to 60 pounds of honey.
  • A hive of bees will travel over 55,000 miles to make this happen
  • One ounce of honey could fuel a single bee’s flight around the world

In 2015, The Clift was awarded the Good Earthkeeping Award by California Hotel & Lodging Association.