Local Area

Osorno is a bustling place and the commercial engine of the surrounding agricultural area. It is an important transport center on the route between Puerto Montt and Santiago and the Huilliche communities of the Osorno coast

Sonesta Hotel Osorno, is located in downtown area of the city of Osorno, where you will find the Fort Queen Luisa, Municipal Museum, craft center, Restaurants, Pub, Shopping Centers and Specialty Stores, as well as Cultural Centers.

South of Osorno, 1 hour and 30 minutes from Puerto Montt, is the regional capital, world famous for its food based on seafood and its crafts.

North of Osorno, 1 hour and 30 minutes from Valdivia, is the capital of the Region of Los Rios, a city with high public traffic through its Universities, its river promenades, its vegetable markets and craft breweries.

East of Osorno, 1 hour away, 2 thermal complexes are loecated, offering a diversity of baths of sulfur, mud, honey and chocolate.