Hospitality Started Here

In 1937, real estate mogul A.M. “Sonny” Sonnabend pooled his resources with other investors to purchase the Preston Beach Hotel in a tiny Massachusetts seaside town. Thanks to the unrivalled service and hospitality he provided to every guest, his focus moved from real estate to hospitality. Excellent service and authentic experiences became the foundation for what would become one of the first U.S.-based international hotels – and they remain a cherished tradition Sonesta has been honoring for over 80 years.

Company Heritage - The Plaza Hotel in New York Company Heritage - Whitehall in Palm Beach Company Heritage - Hotel Cleveland

Above: Sonesta hotels from our storied past: The Plaza Hotel in New York, Whitehall in Palm Beach, the Hotel Cleveland.

Since its founding, Sonesta has built, owned, managed and designed hotels throughout the world. Our mission has remained the same: to provide our guests an authentic quality experience and treat all who walk through our doors with integrity. We embrace our decades-long heritage of unrivalled service as we stay in tune with today’s traveler. And we do so with integrity and passion.

Today, Sonesta comprises more than 280 properties in 8 countries. We’re in many major U.S. destinations – Boston, Chicago, Hilton Head Island, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and San Francisco to name a few – and in some of the world’s most exotic locales, like St. Maarten, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Egypt. And our portfolio continues to grow with even more locations that will celebrate local cultures and reaffirm Sonesta's commitment to authenticity and genuine hospitality.