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Lisa Leong
Director of Sales & Marketing 770.935.3850
Stefan Haladej
Senior Sales Manager 770.935.3858
JoAnne Richards
Group Sales Manager 770.923.1775
Lina Whitaker
Senior Business Travel Sales Manager 770.935.3851
Caroline Eubanks
Business Travel Manager 770.935.3920
Farlena Neal
Group Rooms Coordinator

Astrid Coxaj
Catering Sales Manager 770.935.3861
Monique Davis
Conference Services Manager 770.935.3859
Loryne Haynie
Director of Catering 770.935.3846
Wedding Room Blocks

Andrea Montgomery
Executive Meetings Manager 770.935.3933
For all other inquiries:
General Office Line / Sales Coordinator   770.658.3990