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"To the management of Sonesta: we are leaving the ship tomorrow morning and will be spending the last night in Luxor. The entire staff on the Moon Goddess was wonderful, we had an issue with our tour company and we could not see the Valley of the Kings and Queens, we were told that the only way to see it would be to cut short our cruise due to the ship’s schedule. Our travel agent specially suggested the Moon Goddess as a 5-star vessel and we were given everything we were promised."
Greg Davis 2/4/2023

"To the Management of Sonesta: The staff and crew have provided excellent service to make our cruise most enjoyable, I have appreciated the very comfortable accommodations, wonderful food, and friendliness of everyone on the ship. We are grateful for all your staff and crew – thank you."
Frank and Doris Smettz – Room 306 --- March 19th 2023