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100 Years of
Royal Grandeur
“The Austin” Pop Up Events

“The Austin” Pop Up Events

Experience the nostalgia of the 1920s at Stephen F’s Bar and Terrace, transformed into a century-old happy hour scene. Indulge in themed food stations, specialty cocktails and live music.

Historical Display Case

Historical Display Case

Immerse yourself in decades of history through framed photos, accompanied by intriguing facts. Located in the lobby, this exhibit offers a unique opportunity to take a tour through our rich heritage.

Centennial Celebration Package

Centennial Celebration Package

Step into a century of elegance with our exclusive Centennial Celebration Package. Enjoy a historic downtown Austin walking tour, cocktails, specialty merchandise, late checkout, and more.


Celebrating 100 Years: The Legacy of The Stephen F. Austin Royal Sonesta Hotel

Welcome to the historical journey of The Stephen F. Austin Royal Sonesta Hotel. As we celebrate our centennial anniversary, we invite you to delve into the rich tapestry of our hotel’s remarkable history.

Origins and Foundation
The Stephen F. Austin Royal Sonesta Hotel opened on May 19, 1924, as Austin's first high-rise on Congress Avenue, funded by $600,000 from locals. Originally "The Texas," it was renamed after Stephen F. Austin, gaining local favor.

Architectural Metamorphosis
Restored in 2000, the hotel kept its historic charm, including the iconic staircase. Renamed in December 2020 as The Stephen F. Austin Royal Sonesta Hotel, it emphasizes hospitality excellence.

Political Legacy
Hosting notable governors and figures like Lyndon B. Johnson, the hotel witnessed key political events. Johnson launched his career from here, winning the 1937 House of Representatives election.

Iconic Features
Initially with 250 rooms and Longhorn Garden Ballroom, it expanded in 1938 to 375 rooms, becoming Austin's tallest building. Stephen F's Bar is the only bar that overlooks Congress Ave.

Historic Timeline

1924: The Stephen F. Austin opens as the tallest building in downtown Austin
1937: Headquarters for Lyndon B. Johnson's successful run for the House of Representatives
1959: Senator Lyndon B. Johnson introduces FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover in the SFA Ballroom
1987-1998: Hotel sits vacant due to the 1987 oil bust
2000: Doors reopen; headquarters for George Bush Sr.'s Presidential campaign
2000-2010: Featured in movies such as Miss Congeniality, Grindhouse, and Machete
2024: Celebrating 100 Years of The Stephen F. Austin Royal Sonesta Hotel

Join us as we celebrate a century of hospitality, heritage, and excellence at The Stephen F. Austin Royal Sonesta Hotel.