Puno is a city in southeastern Peru, located on the shores of Lake Titicaca. It is the capital city of the Puno region and the province of Puno with a population of approximately 140,839.   It is an important agricultural and livestock region; the most important livestock includes llamas and alpacas, which graze on their immense plateaus and plains.  Puno is served by the Inca Manco Capac International Airport in nearby Juliaca.

The average annual temperature is about 8.4° C, and the climate never gets too hot. During the winter months, from June through August, nighttime temperatures usually fall well below 0°C. At this height, sun light is very strong. Most of the annual rainfall falls during the summer in the southern hemisphere, and the winter months are very dry.

Music and dance are typical parts of Puno folklore. The most important dances are the Wifala de Asillo, the Carnival of Ichu, the Tuntuna, the Khashua de Capachica, the Machu-tusuj, the Kcajelo and the Paunilla Puneña.

Textiles and other products created from alpaca, llama or sheep wool are characteristic of the area. They also make musical instruments such as the siku (wind instrument) and the charango. Los Toritos de Pucara are the most impressive ceramic pieces made.


Cusco 280 Km | 168 miles

Juliaca 31 Km | 18.6 miles

Arequipa 206 km | 123 miles