Festivals in Arequipa

Virgen de Chapi in Arequipa

The feast of the Virgen de Chapi is a Christian celebration that has a great reception in the people of Arequipa. Its cult in this area has its origin almost three centuries ago and its key and central feast is every year on May 1st, although there are towns where the date is movable and shares the stage with other Marian representations.

Carnival of Arequipa

The Arequipa carnivals are an important celebration held throughout the department homogeneously, in which different activities are included, in which the presence of water games is inevitable, along with the typical dances of this festival. The celebration of the carnival is in the last weeks before Ash Wednesday, more specifically between the end of February and the beginning of March.

National Holidays In Arequipa

The National Holidays of Peru commemorate one more year since we have consolidated as a free and independent country and have a Central date on July 28th. The different towns of the country have different ways of celebrating this important event, and places like Arequipa are not the exception. There are celebrations of the National Holidays, the traditional parades, first in charge of students, especially school and then the civic-military parades that usually take place at the Plazas de Armas. Those who visit Arequipa during these dates will not miss the exquisite typical dishes of the region, among which you will find the traditional stuffed rocoto, along with baked cheese, potato cake, you will also find the most delicious desserts such as cakes, pastries, among others delicacies

Anniversary of the Spanish Foundation of the City of Arequipa

The City of Arequipa was founded by the Spanish on August 15th, 1540 From then on, annually, on the eve of that date Arequipa dresses up to celebrate its anniversary. To celebrate the anniversary, Ceremonies are held in which homage is paid to Arequipa's emblematic characters, together with different festivals: the Symphonic Bands Festival, the Arequipeña Regional Music Festival, the International Festival of Folk Dances, and other genres recent as rock. It is also inevitable festivals aimed at publicizing the cuisine of Arequipa, where you can appreciate and taste dishes such as stuffed rocoto, potato cake, shrimp chupe, ocopa arequipeña, pork marinade, bachelor cheese, guinea pig, among others.