Of modern architecture and design, located in the most exclusive residential center of Ciudad Blanca, the 110-rooms Sonesta Hotel Arequipa is an imposing building in the first Financial Center of the City (City Center). Featuring fabulous views, as this new complex aims to become an international business center.

The Hotel offers privileged location with quick access to the airport and only 10 minutes from the historic city center and 16 minutes (4 miles / 6km) from Alfredo Rodriguez Ballon International Airport.

This beautiful city also offers an important pre-Hispanic heritage, and colonial constructions based on "white" volcanic stone that dress the city with elegance and tradition.

The Arequipeña Gastronomy is one of the richest ans most diverse in the country. Spicy and tasty dishes are based on shrimp. But you can also enjoy dishes made of ostrich and alpaca.

Arequipa is the second industrial city of Peru and is in an important economic growth, betting on modernity and technology.