Spa & Fitness

The Bien Vivre Fitness & Spa

We work to make a living and we work out to keep on living. A world of our conveniently located at health club. The Bien Vivre Spa & Fitness Center is an exclusive fully equipped health facility that allows you to relax and pamper your body while keeping in shape. Our gymnasium is equipped with the latest exercise equipment for all over body workouts. If your concern is to rejuvenate your senses, our steam room, Jacuzzi, Hydrotherapy, Health Food Lounge and Cafe all deliver quality results. Open daily 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Loofa Skin Treatment

Loofa is an Egyptian plant, and when peeled and dried, it is used to scrub the body. The skin treatment is done in the steam bath with a blend of honey, yogurt, lupine and bran. It provides complete refreshment for the body. (Blend for ladies only)

Foot Treatment

A special massage focusing on pressure points designed to relieve stress.


Massage Time
Thai Massage 40 minutes
Thai Massage 60 minutes
Aromatic Thai Massage 40 minutes
Aromatic Thai Massage 60 minutes
Swedish Massage 40 minutes
Swedish Massage 60 minutes
Aromatic Swedish Massage 40 minutes
Aromatic Swedish Massage 60 minutes
Back Massage 30 minutes
Head Massage 30 minutes
Facial Massage  

All prices are inclusive of 14% Sales Tax and 12% Service Charges. Try our new Healthy Menu in the "Bien Vivre Café!"