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Spa & Fitness

The Bien Vivre Fitness & Spa

We work to make a living and we work out to keep on living. At our Health Club “Bien Vivre” which is conveniently located beneath the Sonesta Swimming Pool, awaits you a world of indulgence and revitalization. The Bien Vivre Spa & Fitness Center is an exclusive fully equipped health facility that allows you to relax and pamper your body whilst keeping in shape. Our gymnasium is fitted with the latest exercise equipment for all over body workouts. If your concern is to rejuvenate your senses, our Steam Room, Jacuzzi, Hydrotherapy, Health Food Lounge and Café all deliver quality results.

Cardiovascular Workouts

Exercise your body and entertain your mind. Our facilities include the Treadmill, Cross Trainer, Stepper, Bicycle, Rowing Machine, Summit Trainer, etc…..

Thai, Swedish and Sport Massage

Receive a full body massage by professional therapists to ease away tension, relieve stress and promote a state of well being.

Foot & Hand Treatment/Reflexology

A Special manual massage stressing on pressure points. It soothes aching and tired muscles and alleviates stress and headaches.

Loofa Treatment

Loofa is an Egyptian plant used to scrub the body. This skin treatment is done in the steam bath with a special blend of body oils. It provides the body with a feeling of complete refreshment.

Facial Massage

Manual and machine massage with Vitamin E cream that makes your skin softer and moisturized. A fine mist of rose water leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated.

Body Scrub

A combined massage with loofa (manual) using a special scrubbing gel. The skin is left feeling soft, supple and nourished.

Turkish Bath-Sauna-Jacuzzi

Relax and soothe your soul in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Good for your muscles. Nourishes the skin and increase blood circulation.


Massage Time
Thai Massage 40 minutes
Thai Massage 60 minutes
Aromatic Thai Massage 40 minutes
Aromatic Thai Massage 60 minutes
Swedish Massage 40 minutes
Swedish Massage 60 minutes
Aromatic Swedish Massage 40 minutes
Aromatic Swedish Massage 60 minutes
Back Massage 30 minutes
Head Massage 30 minutes
Facial Massage  
Loofa Massage  
Foot Massage