Outside Locations

Luxor Temple

Located in the center of the modern city of Luxor, this temple was known as the Southern Harem of Amun. It was the site of the ancient festival of Opet when the sacred boats of god Amun, his wife Mut and their son Khonsu were brought from Karnak.

Karnak Temple

The world’s largest column temple, Karnak is located to the north of Luxor center. From the entrance and its avenue of sphinxes with rams heads, to the great Hypostyle Hall with its 134 massive columns and beyond to the Sacred Lake, Karnak is one of the most impressive ancient monuments in all Egypt. 

Hatshepsut Temple Gala Dinner

One of the fascinating women from Egyptian history is Queen Hatshepsut, daughter of Tuthmosis I and wife of her half- brother Tuthosis II. Hatshepsut herself selected the site of her funerary temple in the heart of the valley of El Dier – el – Bahri, where the temple forms a single entity surrounded by yellow clifs. Tonight you are invited to have your dinner in her majesty's temple, to taste the royal wine and to enjoy the exotic cuisine.

Medient Habu

A visitor’s first impulse on arriving in west Thebes is to look towards the north, to take in the Colossi of Memnon, the Ramesseum, and the range of hills honeycombed with tombs of royalty and nobles. But just south of this panorama is an equally imposing view. In the distance, across the fields, rise massive walls and towers, a huge complex of stone gleaming against the mudbrick ramparts. Seven thousand years ago, this was the mansion of King Ramesses III, “united with eternity in the Estate of Amon”. Nowadays it is referred to as Medinet Habu. Tonight, this long deserted place will come to life again. 

Princess Amira Island

This lush tropical island south of the city center is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the simple joys of unspoiled nature. Here, amid the sugarcane and Palm trees, you can sit and watch the Nile glide by as the native birds and animals go about their normal daily lives.

Gazelle Valley

About a 30 minute drive from the Sonesta St George hotel, there is a large valley in middle of the desert, called wadi Gazelle. It is surrounded by colorful mountains and covered with the bright blue dome of the sky during the day. In the evening, when the sky darkens and the stars come out, the valley is hushed with silence. Here you are invited to experience the lifestyle of the Bedouin people and to enjoy their traditional Bedouin food.

Felucca Sailing

Take a Felucca and Sail in the Nile with elegant breakfast menu, lunch or dinner.

Gala Dinners and Special Events

Dinner or Lunch on Princess Amira Island

This is a marvelous chance to enjoy all the splendors of unspoiled nature that is still evident here in upper Egypt. You will sail to the Island on feluccas, during sunset (10 minutes, met and welcomed by an Egyptian musical ensemble. Sit under shining stars overhead with mint tea and the water pipe Shisha.

Starlight Buffet Dinner

Imagine a delightful buffet dinner set on the middle of the Nile, with a fresh breeze blowing in off the water, a magnificent view of the West Bank, and the moon and stars overhead. Candles, an elegant table setting, and an almost endless buffet, will make this an evening to remember.

Black and White

Elegant tables dressed in black and white, waiters in white gloves. Only the most tasteful of decoration - this is the standard of luxury we offer with this special event. You can choose whether to have your gala dinner in Taharka Ballroom or by the light of the stars beside our swimming pool.

Pharaonic Evening

We invite you to have dinner in his majesty the pharaoh’s court. Enter through an avenue of costumed torchbearers with horns and drums to announce your arrival. Then dine on sumptuous oriental cuisine while being served by waiters in ancient Egyptian dress.

1001 Arabian Nights

In a fairy-tale palace, surrounded by characters out of the Arabian Night’s Entertainment’s, you will feast on a lavish gala dinner buffet. With handmade silk tablecloths, copper trays and vases, and water pipes, you will feel like the Caliph of Baghdad himself. 

Program includes oriental dancer and folklore show from Cairo.