International Festival of Live Arts

In 2016 the first version of the International Festival of Live Arts of Loja, Ecuador was held. With more than 30,000 spectators, a cultural event was inaugurated that positioned itself as one of the best in Latin America. It is a space where art manifests itself without borders and hosts a variety of voices that express themselves freely, generating creative concerns and questioning the world from the stage languages.

This event promotes the development and quality of national talents, making Ecuadorian artists relevant, thus providing a unique opportunity to expose art and culture in Ecuador to national and foreign audiences, as well as to international festival programmers.

Loja Fair

The Loja Fair was held uninterruptedly since 1829, the year in which the Liberator Simón Bolívar decreed it with the aim of generating integration among the countries of Greater Colombia, envisioning Loja as a nodal point for commercial exchange and cultural promotion, becoming the first fair in South America.

Pilgrimage of Virgen del Cisne

Every August 15 the Virgen del Cisne embarks on a long journey from her sanctuary to the city of Loja. His devotees are approximately 400,000. The procession that takes place is impressive, because there are thousands of people who walk fulfilling the traditional vows and all fight for the luck of carrying the image a moment during the journey of 74 kilometers that are crossed in three days. Once in Loja, the Virgin is placed on the main altar of the Cathedral, until November 1st, when she is taken back to her sanctuary in El Cisne.

Independence of Loja 

The celebrations of Independence of Loja commemorate one more year since we have consolidated as a free and independent province and have as a central date on November 18th. The different neighborhoods of the city have different ways of celebrating this important event. There are celebrations of the Independence Festivities, the traditional parades, first in charge of the students, especially of schools, colleges and later civic-military parades. Those who visit Loja during these dates can not miss the exquisite typical dishes of the region.