Museums and Historic Sites

Plaza de Bolívar

Parque Bolívar is one of the most recognized places in Ibagué, Colombia is located between Carerras 2 and 3 and 9 and 10 streets.  There, the urban development of the city was born. It is a beautiful park with old trees, fountains, green areas, gardens, playgrounds and pigeons. Around it, the Municipal Mayor's Office, the Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace are located, also the building of the Governorate of Tolima can be found nearby.

Cl. 9, Ibagué, Tolima, Colombia | Distance from the Hotel: 4.8 km

Catedral Primada de Ibagué

The First Cathedral of Ibagué, located in the Plaza de Bolívar, was a simple chapel called Murrapo in which the Spanish conquistadors attended the first mass in the city, in 1551. The church was destroyed by lightning and by an earthquake before in 1926 the first walls of stepped wall were erected. The temple houses the statue of the Immaculate of Murillo, brought from Barcelona

Calle 10 2-58 Ibagué, Colombia | Distance from the Hotel: 4.8 km

Museum of Art of Tolima

A place where the artistic trends in this region are appreciated is the Tolima Art Museum, which has seven exhibition halls in which collections of Colombian painters and traveling works of different regional, national and foreign artists are exhibited. The place, which has a library specializing in art, organizes presentations, concerts and recitals, among other activities.

Cr 7 No. 5-93 Belén | Distance from the Hotel: 4.9 km

Parque de la Música

An outdoor space in which the citizens of Ibagué converge to spend the afternoon is the Parque de la Música, located next to the Conservatory of Tolima. As the name implies, musical performances are usually held here. In addition, the Parque de la Música is one of the venues for the artistic events that take place during the Colombian Folklore Festival, mid-year.

Cra. 1 Sur # 89, Ibagué, Tolima, Colombia | Distance from the Hotel: 5.5 km

Panopticon of Ibagué

The old panopticon of Ibagué was built as a prison at the end of the 19th century and operated as such until 2003. In 1998 it was declared a cultural interest of a national nature. Ibagué was declared in 2004 as the Andean Capital of Human Rights and Peace by the Andean Parliament. In this way, the Panopticon will become the epicenter of this new conception of the city.

Calle 10° with Carrera 8°, Ibagué - Tolima - Colombia | Distance from the Hotel: 4.3 km

Conservatory of Tolima

A good place to get closer to the musical essence of Ibagué is the Conservatory of Tolima. This place was born in 1906 from the idea of ​​the teacher Alberto Castilla - the creator of the Bunde Tolimense, the anthem of the department - to form a music school. The conservatory, where the baccalaureate in music is taught, has a music library and a musical computer room, among other things.

Calle 9 No. 1-18 Ibagué - Tolima - Colombia | Distance from the Hotel: 5.4 km