Location and Geography

Pereira is located in the western region of Colombia inland, in the valley of Otún river that descends from the western side of the Andes Mountains. The steep slopes of the valleys in this region provide excellent conditions for growing coffee, but have made the city planning something of a challenge, with the streets of Pereira is designed to work with the ground. Pereira benefits from being in a central location between the three largest cities of Bogota, Medellin and Cali.

The city is the capital and economic center of the department of Risaralda, which is one of the most important coffee growing regions of the country. The soil in this area of ​​Colombia, along with the adjacent departments of Quindío and Caldas, is rich in volcanic minerals that made it especially a good place to grow coffee, which leads to the region known as the "Eje Cafetero" ( Triangle of Coffee) also the home of Salento. 

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Interesting Facts of Pereira

One of the most notable features of Pereira is the huge viaduct César Gaviria Trujillo, which is about four hundred forty meters long and is one of the longest bridges of its kind in South America. The bridge is the main link with the neighboring city of Dosquebradas, and demonstrates the engineering challenges encountered when working in this mountainous part of Colombia.

Pereira is the capital of the Department of Risaralda. It has become one of the most important places for tourism in the coffee sector.  On your trip to Pereira, you can take wonderful walks and excursions, visit the nearby municipalities, enjoy its natural beauty, its architecture, its culture. Shopping and the special of its gastronomy.

It has natural beauties that are just beginning to be exploited with tourism.  There are also ecotourism and agrotourism programs; two modalities that are in full force, especially the Coffee Tours, which allows you to live the experience of the production process of the famous Colombian Coffee.

Several farms or haciendas in the area offer you these interesting tours.