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You have been asked to put together your company's annual meeting. You've chosen the destination and the hotel, booked sleeping rooms and meeting space, ordered the food and beverage and arranged the transportation. All of the details have been handled. All but one that is: Your boss has also requested that you make this year's meeting 'something that the attendees will never forget. Where do you begin? At Royal Sonesta Hotel New Orleans, of course!

Based on its one-stop-shop approach to service, Sonesta's subsidiary, TRAINING BY DESIGN (TBD) is available to help you make your meeting more lively and meaningful. Training By Design is a full-service training and development organization that is renowned for its creative approach to Teambuilding, dynamic Keynote Presentations and cutting-edge Organizational Development programs.

Training By Design prides itself on creating programs that meet each client's individual meeting needs. Whether your goal is to motivate a sales force, improve communication within a team, or to help your employees handle job stress more effectively, Training By Design can help!

Development By Design
Company meetings are a great opportunity to give a new skill to your employees or address an area for improvement within a team. Below is a description of just two of the many developmental sessions that TBD offers:

Effective Communication
Effective communication is the building block for any team to be successful; without effective communication techniques, breakdowns occur. During this session, Training By Design will demonstrate how communication can either create action or create powerlessness. Participants will discover winning communication skills that will improve their relations with co-workers, their interactions with customers and the dynamics within their team.

Managing in an Environment of Change
Change is a part of life, but not always a comfortable one. The goal of this session is to help attendees identify the stages of change, as well as the sources of resistance and creative strategies for dealing with change. As a result of this session, leaders are better able to navigate themselves and their teams successfully through the change process, and recognize the significance of embracing change, rather than reacting to it.

Teambuilding By Design
One of Training By Design's most popular offerings to convention clients is their adventure/teambuilding training. This type of training uses challenging and engaging initiatives which contain practical elements that relate directly back to the workplace. To be successful, participants must communicate, cooperate and solve problems together - qualities that any great team possesses. In the French Quarter, near the pool or in a meeting room, these activities are fun, creative and interactive alternatives to typical training. Below are two of the many adventure initiatives that TBD offers:

Blind Puzzle
This activity is just like it sounds; large jigsaw puzzle pieces (approximately 10" x 10") are spread around the floor and the team members are blind-folded, timed and told to solve the puzzle. This is a great exercise that demonstrates how important communication is on a team and shows how leadership evolves under difficult conditions.

Spider's Web
This is a large six-foot high by eight-foot wide portable frame, wired with ropes to resemble a spider's web. The goal is to get all members of the team through the web without touching any part of the structure. This powerful and highly charged activity requires teams to plan, communicate and trust one another, in order to be successful.

Keynotes By Design
Passionate delivery and cutting edge topics are the foundation of TBD keynote presentations. Taking into consideration your meeting's theme or purpose, TBD keynotes are carefully designed to powerfully open or close your meeting. A keynote presentation by TBD will engage your attendees' hearts, spirits and intellect.

Results By Design
A more cohesive team. A skilled manager. An organization with vision. These are just some of the outcomes of effective training and development. To bring these and other results to your meeting, contact Training By Design today or ask your Sonesta representative for more details. Training By Design will help make your meeting one attendees won't soon forget!

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