"The meeting went well. Every member of the banquet staff was very helpful and accommodating to our requests. Both Ray and Colleen worked extremely hard to keep everything running smoothly and were very responsive at all times."

- Anne Perdue

"Thanks for your assistance in the pre-planning as well as on-site in making the NAB meeting successful. I enjoyed working with you."
— Julie

“Our corporate office is a few blocks away from the Sonesta which makes it convenient for us when people are coming in or when we have large meetings in the area.” 
— Ms. Susan Cho in Philadelphia

"Looking forward to hosting at the Sonesta again in July and August!"
— Ms. Alysa Perry, PRIM&R 2015 – Spring Regional Meeting

"There was no need for a pre-event meeting in this case. Amanda is always a pleasure to work with, we have multiple times... Appreciate the partnership with your hotel!"
— Mr. Andrew Lovell, Temple University

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