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"I initially reached out to The Clift when considering it for our hotel block; its convenient location in city and the old SF glamour of the Redwood Room would be great for our family flying in for the wedding. In my first conversation with Jill Plemons, she said "Congratulations! Where are you getting married?" and I had to confess that I did not know. We knew that planning a wedding during COVID would be riddled with uncertainty, and our original venue for both the ceremony and reception had fallen through. In that moment, Jill became my wedding fairy godmother sharing that The Clift had recently remodeled the Spanish Suite that could be used for events. With the support and care of the entire Clift staff, we held the most special (and safe! and easy!) wedding weekend, having our ceremony, reception, hotel block and afterparty all hosted at The Clift.

Convenient Location:

The location was great for visitors to explore SF. We held our rehearsal dinner Del Popolo (a Michelin rated Bib Gormound!) that was a 6 minute walk from The Clift, on the day after the wedding everyone too BART to the Oakland Colosseum to watch the Battle of the Bay series Giants v. A's.

Elegant Hotel:

The remodel is truly beautiful, a simple and modern elegance while still keeping true to the old glamour of the hotel. Our guests were so impressed by the space, found the rooms quiet and comfortable.

Best Bar:

A stunning space that made our weekend feel elevated and unique. We had family in from Chicago, Minnesota and Texas, and the Redwood Room was a slice of old SF to share with them. The drinks were delicious!

COVID Considerate:

The hotel was clean and spacious, with good signage and safe practices followed by all staff.

The staff made our wedding weekend so easy for us! Everyone was organized, attentive and gracious to all guests and vendors. The florist commented how nice and helpful everyone was, saying that is not always the case when she arrives to decorate a venue.

Here are some standouts from our stay:

Jill and Patrick, thank you for your help organizing

Chef Dan + Ahmed, from our tasting to the reception dinner (and last minute popcorn for cocktail hour!!) the food was exceptional -- beautifully plated and delicious to eat.

Jason, the Doorman, was so helpful with our valet and all of our comings-and-goings

Stephanie, the Operator. Behind the scenes organizer and coordinator whenever I picked up the hotel phone for a need, she facilitated exactly the help I needed (even at off-hours). Her attentive hospitality made our stay so easy, even over the phone she was warm and personable.

Todd, our Go2 Guy. (I think my aunts are all a little in love with Todd now.) He helped us bring all of our wedding supplies up and baggage, and attended to all requests ranging from room upgrades to locating wedding gifts left at the front desk.

Elizabeth, Hostess at the Redwood Room, thank you for everything!"

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