Dinner on the rock

With an iconic ocean view in the background, guests at Sonesta St Maarten can now cook their own entrées at the table on sizzling hot volcanic rocks.

This fun feature at the resorts provides guests with individual hot volcanic stone plates where they can prepare their favorite meats and vegetables right in front of them for a fun and even healthy dining experience. What’s even better is that this exclusive amenity is included in the resorts’ all-inclusive rate. 

The dinner concept ”On the Rock” is available at Palms Grill. The restaurant offers a selection of fresh ingredients along with guests’ individual hot stone plate so every bite is perfectly prepared as guests cook a selection of meat, fish and vegetables exactly to their liking. Guests can choose from an array of meats including beef strip loin, chicken breast, pork sausages, pork piccata and seafood offerings include mahi-mahi filet, Atlantic salmon filet, tiger prawns, ahi tuna filet and lobster tail.

To round out the dining experience there are a number of sides to accompany the main event including truffle Parmesan fries, rice gumbo, baked potato, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted corn on the cob, caesar salad or a seasonal mixed green salad.

The “On the Rock” dining concept involves cooking fresh meats and seafood on volcanic stone slabs. This method seals in the natural juices of the food, providing extraordinary flavor and taste.

The lava rocks are super-heated in a special oven to 440c/824f and stay hot throughout the dining experience to allow up to 45 minutes of cooking time.

Hot stone cooking allows for a safe, fun and healthy way to enjoy favorite foods, with no additives or additional fats or oils used in the cooking process. The dry, superheat of the stone sears in all delicious flavors of your chosen meat, fish and vegetables.

Happy Sizzling and Bon Appétit!