Shopping in Yucay

Market at Posadas del Inca Yucay

The Mercadito del Sonesta Posadas del Inca Yucay, is the best place to acquire your memories for the whole family without leaving the hotel.  With a variety of items, the market is available every day at the following hours:

6:00 am to 9:00 am

12:00 noon to 3:00 pm

5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Located at the hotel exterior gardens

Pisac Market

Many tourists are attracted to the bustling Pisac Market, which is located 36 km (22 miles) from the hotel.  It is the largest and most visited in the region, a place where bargaining is expected to allow you to acquire colorful traditional handmade crafts.

Here you can buy a wide variety of Peruvian handicrafts in one place: colorful traditional textiles (such as tapestries and carpets), alpaca sweaters and other knitwear, clothing, ceramics, jewelry, works of art, musical instruments, typical souvenirs and more.

Certainly, the craft market in Pisac is a good option to visit. Whether your next destination is Machu Picchu or you are back to Cusco from our hotel in Yucay.

Address : Písac 08106, Peru

Distance from Hotel 36 km (22 miles)

Ollataytambo Handicraft Market

If you have a little time before taking the train to Machu Pichu or on your return to Ollataytambo station, you can find a picturesque and beautiful market with excellent local items to sell. Some visitors indicate that it is cheaper compared to the markets of Cusco or the Aguas Calientes market. With very nice people and great selection of for everyone.

Address: In front of Temple Entrance, Ollantaytambo Peru

Distance from Hotel 22 km (14 miles)


The small rustic town of Chinchero is located along the main road between Cusco and Urubamba.  It is home to the famous Peruvian fabric and also has a colorful market. The small market can be visited most days of the week, but Sunday is definitely the most active and interesting day to visit. This is when traditionally dressed villagers from neighboring communities come to the market to buy and sell vegetables, animals and household items.

Address: Chinchero District 08651, Peru

Distance from Hotel 31 km (20 miles)