Historic Sites and Churches

Plaza de Armas Cusco

Plaza de Armas

The Incas made this territory their administrative, religious and cultural center. Later, with the arrival of the Spaniards, houses and temples were built on the palaces and other Inca buildings. Nowadays, it is the central core of the Imperial City because it is surrounded by churches, tourism agencies and restaurants.

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Barrio de San Blas

Barrio de San Blas

In this neighborhood Imperial City is even more majestic as it houses old and emblematic mansions from the colonial era. It is located just 4 blocks from the Plaza de Armas so it is constantly visited by tourists. In addition, the Saturday Fair is held in the San Blas neighborhood, where the best of Cusco crafts is exhibited.

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Catedral de Cusco

Cusco Cathedral

The main temple of Cusco is characterized by having a neoclassical, baroque and renaissance style. In the cathedral a collection of canvases is exhibited, in which Marcos Zapata's work stands out: the “last supper” in which a roasted guinea pig was painted, a typical dish of the region. In addition, works by Diego Quispe Tito, Basilio Pacheco and Basilio Santa Cruz Pumacallo are shown.

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Convento e Iglesia de Santo Domingo

Convent and Church of Santo Domingo

The Convent of Santo Domingo del Cuzco, was founded on the foundations of the famous “Inti cancha” on 1534. The current Temple and Convent of Santo Domingo, are built on the Temple of the Sun and the Qoricancha. The Catholic Temple has thus been built on the same Inca Temple, as if to demonstrate the destruction and annulment of the ancient cult, today it becomes the apse of the Dominican temple.

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Iglesia de la Merced

La Merced Church

The church (convent) of La Merced suffered very serious damage with the earthquake of 1650, but was rebuilt in a later period that lasted 15 to 20 years.  In this Church there is the famous jewel and relic "La Custodia de la Merced", made of 24 karat gold and inlaid with 1518 diamonds, 615 stones (rubies, topazes and emeralds) and a large mermaid-shaped pearl, considered As the second largest in the world.

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