Bee Apiary

If you look into the Courtyard area you will see a set of white boxes with a little roof on top of it. This is the home of 30,000 of our busiest employees of the Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Baltimore. In May 2011, the hotel became steward of 30,000 honeybees as part of our Land, Air and Sea environmental sustainability initiative. The Honeybees were supplied by, a 501c3 not for profit organization of local dedicated people who provide the City of Baltimore with the micro-local™ all natural/organic raw honey with Community Supported Apiaries (CSA) "the first of its kind, anywhere!" B’more Hon E CSA membership shares, pollination service available to Baltimore City's neighborhoods.

Baltimore Honey prides itself on the raising local, genetically diverse, non-aggressive honeybees that spend their days collecting nectar and pollen from all over the City of Baltimore. Honeybees can travel up to five miles daily. We have attempted to save them all that flight time with the placement of our 7th floor rooftop herb and vegetable garden - the Land portion in our environmental initiative. Early in the morning is the best time to observe the honeybees hard at work on the 7th floor. The Honeybees need approximately 50 quarts of honey to survive through the long cold winter months. The excess honey above the 50 quarts can be harvested for use within in our amazing Chef’s creative recipes. Honeybees are unlike any other bee. Honeybees are the only "BEE" that produces food - honey for humans to consume.

Be sure to look on our seasonal menu in Explorer's for items made with our very own honey, especially our signature Honey Wings which are un-BEE-lievable!!!