Published Date:  Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Well what do we have here then, well I'll tell you what, it's finally time for my guide to San Francisco, hurrah!

You have NO idea how long travel guides take to create, unless of course you make them yourself, so HUGE apologies for the delay on this, but alas, we're here and these guides are some of my all time fave pieces to work on so I'm very excited to share this one with you.


San Francisco is one of the most incredible cities I've ever had the pleasure of visiting, there is SO much to see and do and with some absolutely delicious places to eat and fun places to drink, so please be warned(!) this guide's a big one so please go and grab your beverage of choice and perhaps a snack or two (deffo two) and lets get cracking!


So first up, I headed to San Francisco on the very last day of May for 6 days in the fabulous Californian city. Some things to note, it's one almighty flight, 11 hours from the UK to be precise so if you can go for longer than I would highly reccomend doing so. 6 days was just the right amount of time to see everything San Francisco has to offer other than Alcatraz, I really regret not finding the time to head there. I'd also really like to explore Sausalisto, San Fran's neighbouring city just across the Golden Gate Bridge. However, we managed to jam pack pretty much everything that we wanted to do (aside from those two previously mentioned) plus a couple of things more, WINNER!


In my opinion San Francisco, is a perfectly sized city being just the right size to walk from end to end, if you really wanted to. The majority of things to see are within walking distance of one another and I feel that, as with most cities you really do grasp a better feel for the place when you travel by foot, which we did often. However there are super fast Uber's (much better than what we have over here) and of course the iconic San Francisco trams/cable cars.


Many people warned us to take warmer clothing as despite being in California, it can get rather chilly due to the city being so close to water, however, we struck gold with the weather as it was absolutely SCORCHING for our entire trip. Highs of 32 degrees which naturally I didn't pack for so instead did a heck load of shopping, but more on that later.


I keep referring to "we" so, if you didn't know I explored San Francisco with my bestie Amy from The Little Magpie, someone I'm sure you're all super familiar with (and if not WHY THE HECK NOT!?) shes ace! San Francisco was the perfect place for a girlie trip away, we booked it way in advance but extremely spontaneously when Amy received an email with an INSANE deal on flights. She only had to text to ask if I was keen before I replied with a very prompt and very definite "HELL YES"


If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that San Francisco has been high on my bucket list for many years so to be able to finally get there and with my best friend, well it was one of the best trips of my life and a trip I will never ever forget.


First up lets chat accommodation; We stayed at The Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel which is situated super conveniently in San Francisco's Financial District which is super close to Union Square, one of the cities most iconic regions and essentially extremely close to ALL THE SHOPS! The location was fantastic, just a stones throw away from your fave high street stores and all your luxury faves too.


As well as being in a fantastic location the hotel was lovely too; renovated by interior designer Philippe Starck the hotel housed some of the most weird and wonderful furniture I've ever seen and as an interiors lover, this was right up my street. The rooms were bright and airy and ours came with the most awesome view! Head to the roof for even better views across the city, I mean, just look at it! The bar area, named The Redwood Room was unlike anything I've ever seen... The word "boujie" certainly springs to mind and was absolutely bustling with both locals and tourists at the weekend.


I would really recommend this hotel for a comfortable stay in a really fantastic location so if you fancy some more details, check the website.