Guayaquil is a city that combines a rich history and attractions. The largest city in Ecuador, Guayaquil offers wonderful museums, public parks, shopping centers and nightlife. Here are some of the places located near the hotel.

  • The Malecón 2000 is an urban park in the dock of Simon Bolivar on the Guayas River and is home to the sailing ship Guayas, as well as many historical monuments.
  • The Craft Market is the largest traditional market in the city offering 240 shops.
  • Centennial Park is the largest in the city center park.
  • Guayaquil Churches known as "La Merced" or "San Francisco". Guayaquil also offers a beautiful cemetery called "Cerro El Carmen".
  • The House of Culture offers the most valuable collection of prehistoric gold work in Ecuador.
  • The Botanical Garden is located on a hill overlooking the Guayas and Daule rivers.
  • Seminary Park, located in front of the Cathedral, is also known as Parque de Las Iguanas, and is home to many tame iguanas.
  • The old district "Las Peñas" is the artistic center of the city with houses 400 years old that became art galleries and studios. Visitors can get an idea of ​​the old, picturesque colonial Guayaquil.