It is the largest and most populated city in the Republic of Ecuador; also known as the Economic and Commercial Capital of Ecuador, with a population in its metropolitan area close to 3'113,725 inhabitants. The urban area of ​​Guayaquil, also known as Gran Guayaquil, is ranked among the largest cities in America. It is also an important trade center with regional influence in the commercial, financial, political, cultural and entertainment fields.

Port city of Ecuador, is a gateway to the Pacific beaches and the Galapagos Islands. Along the Guayas River stretches the malecón Simón Bolívar with its Hemiciclo de la Rotonda. To the north is the neighborhood of Las Peñas, full of colorful houses. The Santa Ana hill, which is accessed by stairs lined with cafes and art galleries, offers views of the city and houses the Santa Ana chapel and a lighthouse.

Guayaquil is a city that combines a rich history and attractions. The largest city in Ecuador, Guayaquil offers wonderful museums, public parks, shopping centers and nightlife.