Guayaquil is a city full of excitement with something fun for everyone. These are some of our notable attractions:

La Perla

With 57 meters of height, it is the first giant wheel of Ecuador and the highest in South America. Enjoy a new view of the city and the landscapes that surround it within a complex with all the amenities.  It is located on Malecón 2000, a renovated space in the center of the city, on the banks of the Guayas River and near Cerro Santa Ana, one of the most iconic and emblematic sectors of the city.  La Perla Guayaquil is open every day of the week. Get on day and night, a unique and incomparable experience.

Malecón Simón Bolívar y Loja | Distance from the hotel: 6.3 km

Malecón Simón Bolívar

Its history dates back to before 1820, when it was called Calle de la Orilla. By 1845 it was a mile and a half long with wooden slatted seats and cast iron lamps to illuminate it.  Traditionally, it was the first image of the city to travelers who arrived by boat, because at that time the waterway was the largest communication.  The Malecón Simón Bolívar, is a place of great attraction to enjoy the fluvial landscape and the place to walk for families.  Known as Malecón 2000, it is one of the most successful urban projects in the Americas, considered a model worldwide and declared a "healthy public space" by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (OMS).

Simón Bolívar Avenue | Distance from the hotel: 6 km

Pirate Ship Morgan

A river ride aboard a pirate ship where you can visit emblematic places of our city such as: Puerto Santa Ana, Las Peñas Neighborhood, El Malecón 2000 with all its attractions, Santay Island, Caraguay Market (south of the city), among others. Under the pirate theme in the sailboat with capacity for 160 people and an exclusive area for 60, it offers from family outings, events, to the so-called "Farras Piratas" (Pirate Parties) which are one-hour rides that include shows and open bar.

Malecon Simón Bolívar, dock of Sucre Street | Distance from the hotel: 6.9 km

Puerto Santa Ana

It is a four-hectare real estate and tourism complex that has several office buildings, shops and departments, as well as plazas, museums and a boardwalk that borders the Guayas River.

Numa Pompilio Llona Street | Distance from the hotel: 6.2 km

Parque Histórico

It was built by the Central Bank of Ecuador in 1997 on the banks of the Daule River. It is an 8-hectare theme park of an educational, cultural, environmental, recreational and tourist nature, whose objective is to expose the history and culture of the former Province of Guayaquil that arose at the end of the colonial era and the beginnings of the Republican life of Ecuador that took place between the 19th century until the end of the 20th century and that encompassed almost the entire Ecuadorian coast, including the provinces of Los Ríos, El Oro and part of Manabí.

Avenida Central y avenida Río Esmeraldas (Samborondón) | Distance from the hotel: 9.1 km

Seminario Park

The Seminario park is also known as the Iguanas Park, because in its well-decorated gardens, dozens of iguanas live and become a unique attraction for tourists who give a prehistoric and natural vision to the park. The reptiles, are from the species called, green iguana, they are also known as the "The iguana of Guayaquil", which measure up to one meter long, walk with tranquility and they show a very friendly behavior.

Avenida Chimborazo y calle Clemente Ballén | Distance from the hotel: 6.2 km

Centennial Square

The square, one of the largest in the city, with an area of ​​8,875 square meters, follows the traditional architectural line of the layout of the Sacred Forests of Classical Greece. It has several attractions, among which stand out statues sets of great value, surrounded by beautiful gardens. In the central part of the square there is an imposing monument, called "The Column of the Próceres",

9 de Octubre y avenida Lorenzo de Garaycoa | Distance from the hotel: 5.1 km