Latin American Theater Festival - March / April (Biannual)

Latin American Theatre Every two years, people come from all over the world to perform all sorts of artistic expressions (including street-theatre, declamation, mime, and dance), in the streets, parks, and theaters. Streets, parks and theaters are stage plays, parades, street theater, mime and dance.

Bogota's Summer Festival - August

Bogota's Summer Festival Crowded event, which is carried out in commemoration of the Bogota´s foundation day. Schedule of recreational, sports, and cultural events.

Bogota International Film Festival - October

Bogota's Cinema Festival Annual event in which excellent national and foreigners movies are projected in movie theaters and in public areas. Awards for new directors, film workshops and exhibitions.

Teatro Libre International Jazz Festival - September

Teatro Libre International Jazz Festival Traditional event in which participating bands Colombia and abroad to provide the best of jazz. Workshops at universities.