Places of Interest

Balneario La Mina

Balneario, La Mina

The Balneario La Mina is a natural pool located on the river Badillo, 40 kms from Valledupar. The Badillo is a tributary of Cesar River. To get there you just have to take the road to the village of Atánquez. It borders the municipalities of Valledupar and San Juan del Cesar. This pool is located at a point where the river diminishes its course, due to the shape of the rocks. The waters are very clear, and have shaped the rocks. It is a place of ecological rest.

Eco-Park Los Besotes

Eco-Park, Los Besotes

The Eco-Park is horseshoe-shaped, where its bottom is characterized by currents that form two streams which are surrounded by lush vegetation. The slopes of both hills are steep, with massive stone walls as a cliff where grass and scrub vegetation dominates.  By the streams the vegetation is wooded with evergreen forest remnants.

Balneario Hurtado

Balneario, Hurtado

Valledupar's main tourist site with is Balneario Hurtado, considered the most beautiful of Colombia for its crystal clear waters that attract visitors to enjoy its lush tropical vegetation. Its exotic and contoured rocks frame the charming landscapes and are the source of mysterious legends. The river has been the inspiring muse of many composers and singers who have described its crystalline waters and strength, the river has its own stories, myths, and legends that make it a unique place in the world.



Atánquez is a beautiful little town located north of the town of Valledupar in Cesar department, next to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Its population is approximately 6,000 inhabitants.