Local Area

Location and Environment

Concepción is a modern city with extensive transportation system, eight universities and many international restaurants. Points of interest include the Plaza Independencia (main square), University of Concepción, city parks and naval base.

Traditional festivals

The constumbristas holidays are celebrations taking place in different localities of our country from north to south, where we enjoyed our most important traditions and we make known to tourists who visit us.

Another popular celebration in Chile are the Fiestas Patrias, when highlight typical Chilean traditions, particularly the Chilean floclore, where boardinghouses or arbors are installed as entertainment centers, mixing music, dance and typical dishes of traditional Chilean cuisine. These parties are held during the days 18 and 19 September.  


Country, wine and traditions From the city of Concepción we will make our way to the historic city of Chillan, known as the "Cradle of the Nation". Visit the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, the murals of Siqueiros, considered a cultural heritage, the Museo Claudio Arrau, the pedestrian walkway Arauco, the traditional market and the Arts and Crafts Fair. To continue our journey, we will make our way to the small town of Quinchamalí, which is famous for its black pottery. Then, we will visit "Los Hornos de Ginito" Restaurant, located in the Cerro Black Valley. Here, we will tour the cellar of liquor and wine tasting room. To complete this fun morning, we will enjoy a delicious typical Chilean food. In the afternoon, we will return to Concepción. Diablo mine Chiflón Early in the morning we will leave Concepción road to the mining town of Lota, place where the history, customs and traditions were based on the wealth of coal. First, we will visit the Isidora Cousiño Park with its beautiful gardens, galleries mythological statues and the ways of native and exotic vegetation. During the visit we will be accompanied by the "Isidoras" guides dress up in costumes and old style that will tell us the history of the park and the Cousino family. Finalizing this tour, we will visit the Historical Museum Coal. Here, the "Isidoras" say something more about the wealth that coal brought to this city. Leaving the park, we'll get into an exciting underground adventure, dropping 40 meters below sea level in "The Devil Chiflón" coal mine. During this trip we will be accompanied by former miners, who will tell us their stories and anecdotes, which will make us relive the glory years of the Lota coal. Salto del Laja Located 25 km. City of Los Angeles, these falls are formed by the waters of the Laja River falling from a height of 50 meters at four extraordinary waterfalls. From the viewpoint we will be able to see and enjoy this natural setting of incomparable beauty that has been the icon of the region for many years. We will finish the morning with a delicious lunch. Historical Talcahuano-Concepción We begin our journey from the hotel early in the morning to make a complete journey through Concepción to visit the main tourist attractions such as Plaza de la Independencia, The Gallery of History and the University of Concepción among others. We will continue the trip to visit the Huascar, located in the Bay of Talcahuano, and Zañartu Pedro River Park, located in Hualpén, down to the mouth of the Bio Bio Riol and its beautiful surroundings.