Concepción is a modern city, walkable with an extensive transport system, eight universities and many international restaurants. Points of interest such as Plaza Independencia (main square), Universidad de Concepción, city parks and naval base.

University of Concepción

University of Concepción

It is one of the study houses with more tradition and prestige in Chile. As much as its prestige, highlights its beautiful infrastructure and its beautiful green areas composed of roads, trees and an artificial lake. The Executive Secretariat of the Bicentennial of Chile 2010 distinguished the University of Concepción as one of the most important infrastructure works of the first half of the 20th century. It is a distinction that recognizes those constructions that by their nature and impact are identified as urban landmarks.

Pedro Del Rio Zanartu Park

Pedro del Río Zañartu Park

The Museum is a fundamental part of one of the most important and traditional parks of Chile, the name of the illustrious neighbor who bequeathed his domains to the city of Concepción, prominent businessman and Chilean writer Pedro del Río Zañartu.

He married Ana Rosa Serrano first, with whom he had two children: Ana Rosa Del Río Serrano and Pedro Del Río Serrano. Both brothers died with their mother from diphtheria, almost at the same time. As a way to find relief from the blow of life, decides to travel the world, so he took about four trips between 1880 and 1913. In his trips he acquired several objects, which are now preserved in the Museum.

The testament written in 1917, a year before his death, states in its eighth clause: "I give to the city of Concepción ... I founded my Hualpén, with its forests, closures, houses and everything it contains, to perpetuate the name of my father and me, since my death is called "Parque Pedro del Río Zañartu".

Monitor Huascar

Huáscar Monitor

The Huáscar monitor is much more than an old war trophy of Chile or a simple and forgotten military loss for Peru. Since his capture in 1879, not only has he participated in important naval battles, even in this generation of international political acrimony between two neighboring countries.

In 2010, the Chilean then Minister of Defense, Jaime Ravinet, publicly announces his idea of ​​returning to Peru?? Huáscar, which automatically generates significant political and social controversy in both countries. It is not difficult to find on the Internet hundreds of comments, mostly strong caliber elements.

Already proven the validity of the oldest floating historical relic in the world, knowing the facts that transform the Huáscar from an interesting historical perspective of tourism.

Ecuador Park

Ecuador Park

Ecuador Park has a beautiful natural and exotic environment that extends for more than a kilometer in length. Thanks to its proximity to the center of the city, it becomes an ideal place to take a break from the option of everyday activities.

It was originally called Parque de la Alameda, which changes in gratitude for the help given to Ecuador, after the earthquake of 1939. From that year until today it is known as "Parque Ecuador".

In addition to the green areas are a variety of attractions that transform the park into a major attraction of the city. Among them, the Dioramas Gallery History Museum, which are portrayed in the history of Concepción, static and temporary exhibitions are also presented.

Concepcion Cathedral

Cathedral of Concepción

Catedral de Concepción finished its construction in the year 1950 under the direction of Archbishop Monsignor Alfredo Silva Santiago; The building is considered the architectural heritage of the city. This beautiful infrastructure comes in replacement of the old city of the cathedral located in the same place, which was badly damaged by the 1939 earthquake. Located in front of the Plaza de la Independencia and the architectural ensemble of the addition of the Ecclesiastical Museum compound and the Aula Magna.