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Musical Instruments

The Accordion

The accordion is a musical wind instrument of Austrian origin, conformed by two harmonic boxes of wood. To cause a musical note, you must fluctuate the air opening and closing the accordion while is pressured one or several keys. Depending on the type of accordion, the sound emitted vary upon opening and closing the accordion while is pressured the same key.

The Box

The Box is a percussion instrument from African origin. It is small drum manufactured of cayman in the past, then black marimonda, and nowadays of goat leather, deer or ram. Also it is done of a trunk of hollow tree of 40 cm of high and 30 cm of diameter. The tree must have a fibrous trunk, like mucurutú, cañahuate or matarratón.

The Guacharaca

Concave friction instrument of 40 cm long that devises of a stem. Its name comes from the "guacharaca", wild bird of whose song is similar to the sound that produces the instrument.