Dining and Entertainment - Sonesta Hotel Valledupar - Valledupar, Colombia

Dining & Entertainment

Mamankana Restaurant

Located in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada Santa Marta and known as the "sacred land at the top of the mountain," Mamankana is the home of both local and ancestral flavors. The Mamankana Restaurant creates dishes which evoke a sentiment of the Colombian Caribbean's rich culture. Our menu, inspired by the culture of coastal Colombia and transformed with classical European techniques, features unique dishes with an original twist. Mamankana Restaurant focuses on the use of natural ingredients and is known in the city for it's fusion of traditional artisan flavors and classical techniques as well as its premier location, decor and service.

Hotel Lobby Bar

In the most privileged area of the town, the beautiful Sonesta Hotel Valledupar was born, featuring an extensive cocktail and dining menu and an ideal venue for a variety of events and occasions. Nabusimake Lobby Bar is a space that blends the beautiful scenery of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta with a warm decor that evokes the sound of the vallenato minstrels and welcoming personal service. The menu features signature cocktails such as "Vallenato Tunes” (combination of green mango, lemon, Old Parr salt and pepper) and the "Tamarind Martini." Delight yourself with the ancient flavors of this beautiful Vallenato land highlighted on our menu including "Maria Mulata"(steak, chicken, calamari rings, crispy shrimp, sliced banana and french fries accompanied by serum, guacamole and chili) and our Empanadas trio. Nabusimake Lobby Bar lets you experience the vastness and richness of Colombian land and above all, the warmth and friendliness of its people.