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Festivals and Shopping Malls


La Leyenda Vallenata Festival

The Leyenda Vallenata Festival is the most popular and recognized event for its typical music. The Foundation of La Leyenda Vallenata Festival, which organizes the festival, describes it as: "A contest that works and tends for the defense and diffusion of the popular and folk expression known as “vallenato” in four of their styles". The Festival is celebrated during the last week of April, and it is chosen as the best accordion professional musician of the year.

Cattle Raiser Festival

El Cesar is considerate as a raiser region of agricultural and cattle. For that reason an annual fair was organized to be able to have an open market for the cattle raisers of the region. The best of the equine and bovine is exposed, as well as an extensive selection of agricultural products, crafts and musical groups.


Shopping Mall

Guatapuri Plaza

Guatapuri Plaza is a modern shopping mall, extensive walkways, emphasizes with their large transparent surfaces, offer a comfortable sensation highlighting from other malls. Clothing stores, sports shops, footwear, entertainment, coffees and restaurants are offered in the plaza.