Health Club - Sonesta Beach Resort & Casino Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Sonesta Beach Resort & Casino - Sharm El Sheikh

Health Club


The Cleopatra Program starts with

  • Sauna, Jacuzzi, Steam Bath, Turkish Bath
  • Cocoa and milk or natural salts (All-body peeling)
  • Face Mask with Yogurt and Cucumber
  • Full-body Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy Massage
A natural healing of the body and mind, relieving tension, improving circulation, rejuvenating the body, eliminating aches and pains and promoting overall good health through the application of pure essential oils.
50 minutes - 260.00 L.E.
Salt Massage
A mixture of freshly-ground sea salts and lavender oil applied in strong, sweeping strokes leaving you relaxed yet invigorated.
25 minutes  - 120.00 L.E.
Back Massage
Upward, sweeping motions relieving tension in your back, shoulders, arms and neck.
25 minutes - 120.00 L.E.
Classic Massage
Using local aromatic oils, the classic massage promotes relaxation, improves circulation and soothes muscles, producing an overall feeling of well-being.
50 minutes - 230.00 L.E.
30 minutes - 150.00 L.E.
Sports Massage
Decongests and stretches the muscles through a combination of relatively high-impact massage techniques, to relieve acute muscle soreness, improve flexibility and increase range of motion.
45 minutes  - 230.00 L.E.
25 minutes  - 150.00 L.E.
Relieves stress and muscular tension and improves blood supply and circulation, unblocking the energy nerve pathway through the feet.
30 minutes - 150.00 L.E.
Anti-stress Massage
Uses soft massage and pressure points to relieve tension in the head, neck and shoulders.
30 minutes  - 150.00 L.E.
Physiotherapy and Sports Physiotherapy
A special treatment for body joints, using medicated cream, guided movements and exercise.
30 minutes - 170.00 L.E.
Beauty Massage Package
A beauty massage mix of Salt, Aromatherapy and Anti Stress massages.
430.00 L.E each
Classic Massage Packages
3 sessions, 30 minutes each
3 sessions, 50 minutes each
350.00 L.E.
590.00 L.E.
Aromatherapy Massage Packages
3 sessions, 50 minutes each
650.00 L.E.
Anti-Cellulite massage
4 sessions
500.00 L.E.
Fitness Center available at Sonesta Club 1 hour - 5 Euro