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Sonesta St. George Hotel - Luxor

Don't Miss The Top Ten Adventures in Luxor

1. Experience the Karnak Sound & Light Show at the complex of Karnak.

2. Visit the Temple of Luxor, built by pharaohs Amenhotep III and Ramses II. Drive from the Temple of Luxor down 2 miles to the Karnak Temple (the main center of worship in ancient Egypt). Within the Temple of Karnak, be sure to see the Temple of Amun.

3. Tour the Luxor Museum to see ancient Egyptian antiques and artifacts from under the Luxor Temple.

4. Make sure to see the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens, on the West Bank. The Valley of the Kings has the tombs of two Theban rulers: Seti I and King Tut. The Valley of the Queens has the tomb of Nefertari.

5. Stroll through Luxor’s shopping district and pick up some crafts and artifacts to take home. Also visit the Souk (or market), in the middle of an Arab town, for a taste of Egyptian culture.

6. Go horseback riding or take a balloon ride along the banks of the Nile to escape the noise of the city.

7. Visit the Mummification Museum to see ancient mummies of humans and animals. Learn about the tools used for mummification and the process itself.

8. See the statues at Colossi of Memnon, which are more than 60 feet tall.

9. Rent a Felucca and sail down the Nile and enjoy drinks at sunset.

10. See the Temples of Hatshepsut, the only women pharaoh to rule ancient Egypt.