Local Area - Sonesta Posadas del Inca - Lake Titicaca Puno, Peru

Sonesta Posadas Del Inca - Lake Titicaca - Puno

Local Area

There are many tourist attractions in and near Puno, especially those centered on Lake Titicaca. Here is a recommended 3-day tour:

Day 1

In the morning, visit the floating Totora reed islands of the Uros.  You can combine also with Taquile Island.  In the afternoon, visit Amantaní Island. The full day starts at 8:30 am and ends at 4:30 pm

Día 2 

Tour the nearby Sillustani "chullpas," located on the way to the Juliaca airport.


Sillustani Chullpas
The Chullpas were built by the Aymara-speaking Collas, a tribe that dominated the Titicaca region before the Incas. Each tower contained the remains of Colla nobility accompanied by their riches. The towers are well preserved and worth seeing. The engineering involved in their construction is more complex than anything the Incas built.

Taquile Island
Taquile is a native community of approximately 350 families still living in the traditions of the 14th century. Three rules of the Inca Empire still apply: Ama suwa, Ama quella, Ama llulla (do not steal, do not be lazy and do not lie).

Amantaní Island
Adjacent to Taquile Island, Amantani Island is shaped like a frog if you see it by air. This community still lives very traditionally and visitors are invited to share their traditions and routines. At the island’s peak is an ancient religious center, still used by the community to worship their gods.

The Cathedral
Located in Main Square, the Cathedral was built in the 18th century with stones, in the style of traditional Indian culture. A highlight of the Cathedral is the main altar, made of marble.