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Royal Sonesta Boston

Hotel Green Initiatives

Guest Room Programs:
  • The guest room energy management system manages heating and cooling when guests are not present.
  • Guest rooms are now lit by state-of-the-art compact florescent lighting.
  • To reduce water consumption, low-flow faucets, shower heads and toilets were installed.
  • Guests have the option of reusing their bed linens and towels.
  • Bath amenity dispensers in every guest room.
  • Filter water bottles available for purchase
  • Electronic "thank you" letters to guests include on-line comment card replacing paper versions of both

Food & Beverage Programs:
  • Organic, local and sustainable food products are used whenever possible.
  • Compostable take out containers
  • High pressure fryer filtration system that doubles the life of the oil.
  • Recycling program
  • The Banquet Team has managed several Green Meetings including paperless presentations, recycle boxes for meeting rooms, edible centerpieces and using large water bottle dispensers to replace individual plastic bottles.

Business-wide Programs:
  • Installed a Combined Heat & Power System. Fueled by a natural gas engine to produce electricity, making electricity also creates heat. We will now be able to use this heat to make hot water for the hotel this system will provide the hotel with approximately 70% of its hot water needs.
  • Building automation systems are used to efficiently control the building’s energy consumption, coordinating HVAC, boilers, chillers and common area lighting.
  • Glass, paper, aluminum can and cardboard are recycled. The hotel has a maid-driven recycling program for the daily newspaper delivery.
  • The hotel operates their atrium-style swimming pool chemically free by using salt to create an environmentally-friendly clean pool.
  • The hotel is an active member in several innovative groups including the Boston Green Tourism, The Cambridge Energy Alliance, the Cambridge Climate Leaders Program and the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency.
  • Electronic versions of all brochures will be available on-line reducing the number printed overall.

The hotel received official Energy Star status in recognition of its energy conservation and efficiency efforts in 2007. The hotel, built in 1961, completed a year-long effort to achieve this status. 
The hotel was featured as an example in Green Lodging News in November, 2007.