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Festivals and Attractions


Barranquilla Carnival

The Barranquilla Carnival is unique: its cultural diversity is finely kneaded and it’s party where all are lead players. Every dance, every folk group, every costume, make this party the best show on Earth. It’s not just for the show, it’s mainly to be relished. Every dance, every cumbia, every costume competes to make this event the best performance. Its diversity makes it magical, unique and unsurpassed in the country. It belongs to all, and under the blazing sun of every February, it’s alive in the sense of everyone being and feeling differently.


Barranquijazz is a jazz festival that is carried out every year in September. Its objective is to promote the appreciation of the Jazz and the Caribbean music which gathers different rhythms such as Cuban, Sauce, Mambo, Bolero, Charanga, Cha cha cha, Bossa Nova, Samba, Gypsy, among others. More than 2,000 people attend the festival of which 70% are children and youths of schools. The closing is done in the “Plaza de la Paz”, a setting outdoors in which it gathers around ten thousand people for more than five hours.


Amira de la Rosa Theater

The hub of cultural activity in Barranquilla, on the outskirts of El Prado neighborhood. Here, you must pause for a moment and look at the theater curtain, a piece of universal work, painted by the famous artist Alejandro Obregon.


If you desire to explore nature, the best way to quench it is taking the tour in the refuge of leafy trees, of the cool Barranquilla’s Zoo. Is located on the 77th Street and 68th. Here 550 animals, from 140 species are featured, some of them on the verge to extinction.