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Sonesta Hotel Valledupar

Suggestions for Romance

• Visit the Casa de la Cultura, it contains paintings, artifacts and fossils from the Guane people.
• Bathe in the crystal waters of the Guatapurí River.
• Go for a stroll through La Leyenda Park, urban development hub that contemplates the ecological, cultural, and recreational aspects that guarantee the quality of life.
• Check out the golden statue of a mermaid in the banks of the Hurtado River. Legend has it that many years ago a woman decided to bathe in the river, disregarding the warnings of the townspeople, and was turned into a mermaid.
• Enjoy a lovely conversation at Café de las Madres. They serve only organically grown Sierra Nevada coffee. For lovebirds, there’s an extraordinary embrace: special cappuccino served in vertically nestling cups, with a lovely card and gift.