Sacred Valley Yucay Urubamba Cusco

Sonesta Posadas Del Inca - Sacred Valley - Yucay

Don't Miss The Top Ten Adventures Around the Sacred Valley

1. Tour the colorful Andean market of Pisac for local produce and crafts

2. Visit the Ollantaytambo fortress and the town of Chinchero.

3. Take the train to Machu Picchu from Urubamba Station. Machu Picchu just became one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

4. Try Alpaca from Inkafe Restaurant in the Sonesta Posada.

5. Hike along part of the Inca Trail.

6. Try something adventurous and go river rafting or horseback riding.

7. Take a trek to the Salt Mines of Maras and the town of Moray.

8. Watch a local soccer game to get a feel for the culture in the Sacred Valley.

9. Take a Tuk-tuk (Southeast Asian version of a vehicle) to Urubamba to see ruins of the Incas.

10. Get a massage at Kallpa Wasi Spa right in the Sonesta Posada.