Sonesta Hotel Osorno - Osorno, Chile - Patagonia Hotel

Sonesta Hotel Osorno

Don't Miss The Top Ten Adventures Around Osorno

1. Visit the San Mateo Apostol Cathedral.

2. Visit the Moncopulli Auto Museum.

3. Enjoy the 19th-century homes around the Plaza de Armas.

4. Explore the Museo Municipal Osorno.

5. Relax on Lake Llanquihue.

6 . Have a picnic on the banks of Lake Puyehue.

7. Enjoy coffee and conversation with the locals at the Plaza de Armas.

8. Hike the Osorno Volcano.

9. Go for a long walk through the Lahuen Nadi Park.

10. Bathe and dive in the Petrohue Waterfalls.