Sonesta Nile Cruises on the Nile River

Sonesta Cruise Collection - Nile River

Give Your Event An Ancient Legendary Touch

Imagine your wedding & Special events amidst the distant past of Egypt, emancipate with thought, and nothing but ancient beauty, legendary antiques and all the mysteries that Luxor has to offer.

Hosted by the Sonesta Goddesses Cruise Ships, your event will be fit for Kings  & Queens attended at one of the world's most elegant ancient antique, Luxor Temple which is referred to, at the time, as 'The Magnificent'.

Largely built in the 14th Centry BC by Amenhotep III and devoted to the Lord of Gods namely 'Amoun', Luxor temple is marked by its rear rooms with their prominent inscriptions, and the hall of columns, is extended in the center of Luxor and separated from the Egypt's formidable River Nile by a paved way whose traces are still along the main street of the city. 

Sonesta Goddesses combine all this legendary theme in a most inspiring way, promising a remarkable, rewarding experience with upscale service and hospitality that a five stars Nile Cruise can offer.