Sonesta Nile Cruises on the Nile River

Sonesta Cruise Collection - Nile River

Cruise Itinerary
3 Nights / 4 Days, Aswan - Luxor
Friday Embarkation before Lunch
at 11:00 am
  Lunch on board
  Visit the High Dam and the Temple of Philae
  Sail on the Nile by Felucca
  Afternoon tea
  Captain's welcome cocktail
  Dinner on board
  Nubian Show
  Overnight in Aswan
  Breakfast on board
  Sail to Kom Ombo maximum at 07:00 am
  Visit the Temple shared by two gods Sobek and Haeroris in Kom Ombo
  Sail to Edfu
  Lunch on board
  Visit Horus temple in Edfu
  Sail to Esna
  Dinner on board
  Egyptian Galabeya Party
  Overnight in Esna
  Early morning sail to Luxor
  Breakfast on board
  Visit the West Bank - The Valley of the Kings and Queens, The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at El-Deir El-Bahari and the Colossi Memnon
  Lunch on board
  Afternoon Tea
  Dinner on board
  Disco & Music in the evening
  Overnight in Luxor
  Breakfast on board
  Disembarkation at 08:00 am
  Visit the East Bank - Karnak & Luxor temples

- Sail to Kom Ombo maximum at 07:00 am
- Slight changes might occur due to circumstances beyond our control.