Sonesta Hotels & Resorts Egypt – Pharaoh Beach Resort - Hurghada

Sonesta Pharaoh Beach Resort - Hurghada

Don't Miss The Top Ten Adventures in Hurghada

• Explore the underwater world of the Red Sea snorkeling.
• Taste of the local customs, traditions and food at The Fantasia 1001.
• Have fun in different spots enjoying the water sports activities on Giftun Island and the national park.
• Cruise the Red Sea for an exciting fishing trip and enjoy the nature and beauty of the coral reefs and the small islands.
• Go on the Sinbad Submarine. The ideal excursion for those that want to enjoy the spectacular underwater colors of the Red Sea.
• Experience an off-road jeep adventure across the beautiful Egyptian Desert to a Bedouin Camp.
• Go Shopping in the Traditional Old Markets of Egypt.
• Go Kite Surfing in the Clear Blue Lagoons
• Discover Some of the Oldest Monasteries in the World, the Monasteries of St. Paul & St. Anthony.
• Delve into the Past of the Ancient Roman Ruins of Mons Claudianus.