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President's Tips For Traveling with Older Children

Stephanie Sonnabend, Sonesta's President, shares these tips for traveling with children 6-12:

 1. Reinforce the hotel rules

2. Remember to bring food and medicine as appropriate for your child

3. If the hotel has a children’s program, take advantage of this – it gives parents and kids a nice break and allows kids to meet others their age

4. Allow older children to stay in the room alone; Dine in the hotel restaurant as a first trial

5. Monitor available programs and movies on television to make sure they watch age appropriate shows

6. Control the minibar key – enough said

7. Find activities that are age and interest appropriate – sporting and cultural events could be excited – the concierge can be a great help with this research

8. Create some fun activities or games along the way – our family plays cards frequently while waiting in airports; we also went searching in Italy for the “best gelato”

9. Do not plan too much and allow time for breaks and spontaneous activities; spend at least three nights in a location to get acclimated to the place