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Sonesta Recent Media Coverage

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May 2011 Lodging Magazine Unique Character
April 2011 Hotel Business Sonesta to Join Luxury Lifestyle Segment
April 2011 NY Times The Rush to Boutique
Jan 2011 Hotel F&B Magazine From Palette to Palate
Nov 2010 Hotel F&B Magazine Fruit for Thought
Aug 2010 Forbes Magazine The Most Trustworthy Companies
June 2010 Boston Globe Wider Horizons
May 2010 Boston Globe 100 Executive Roundtable
Mar 2010 USA Today Hotel Check-in Stephanie Sonnabend is Guest CEO Blogger
Mar 2010 Hotels Magazine Sonesta to Grow Globally: Managed & Franchised Hotels
Jan 2009 Hotel Interactive Sonesta Announces 2010 Growth Initiatives
Dec 2009 Market Watch Sonesta Announces 1st Franchise
Dec 2009 Globe Street Sheraton Orlando to Carry Sonesta Flag
Oct 2009 Hotels Magazine Franchise Special Report
July 2009 Global Hotel Network (GHN) Profile: Stephanie Sonnabend
July 2009 New England Cable News (NECN) CEO Corner Interview with Stephanie
June 2009 MIT Sloan Alumni Magazine Profile: Stephanie Sonnabend
June 2009 Real Estate Channel Sonesta Launches Bold Franchise Program
Apr 2009 Women's Business Cover Story - Stephanie Sonnabend
Oct 2009 Business Travel News Sonesta to Add US Franchises with Phil Silberstein
Sept 2008 Hotels LATAM Growth
Sept 2008 Hotel & Motel Management Sonesta Keeps Tradition Alive - Profile
June 2008 Vacation Agent Hot Hotel Trends - Art in Hotels
Apr 2008 Incentive Magazine Incentive Interview: Stephanie Sonnabend
Mar 2008 Agent At Home Sonesta Reaches Out to Travel Agents with S.T.A.R.
Feb 2008 Travel Weekly Sonesta Plans 2009 Debut in San Carlos
Jan 2008 USA Today Unique Art at Sonesta