Sonesta Hotel Concepción - Concepcion, Chile - Talcahuano Hotel

Sonesta Hotel Concepción

Don't Miss The Top Ten Adventures Around Concepcion

1. Enjoy the Salto Del Laja, a spectacular waterfall in the Parque Salto del Laja.

2. Visit Cerro Caracol for a view of downtown Concepción.

3. Go shopping to the Pedestrian Mall.

4. See a horse race at the Club Hípico of Concepción.

5. Visit the Laguna del Laja National Park for a stroll or picnic at the lake to enjoy emerald water and birding.

6. Go for a hike around Volcán Antuco.

7. Visit the Naval Base at Talcahuano for a tour of the Huascar, an iron monitor that wrecked havoc on the Chilean navy during the War of the Pacific.

8. Visit the Convent of San Francisco.

9. Educate yourself in the Cathedral of the Santísima Concepción Museum.

10. Visit the local handcraft market in the Plaza de Armas.