Boston Group Billing Instructions l Royal Sonesta Hotel in Boston, MA

Royal Sonesta Boston

Group Billing Instructions

Upon receipt of agreement, the hotel will provide a billing instruction form to determine and to clarify how the sleeping accommodations, room charges, food and beverage functions, recreation, incidentals and miscellaneous charges are to be settled.

The billing instruction form provides an opportunity to specify exactly what charges are to be billed to the master account and who is authorized to sign. All accounts are payable at check-out.

If master account billing is required and credit has not been previously established, the hotel will need a credit application to be completed and approved.

Master account billing must be requested in writing and approved by our credit office 45 days prior to the group's arrival date. Upon approval, the master account may then be billed directly after check-out and will be due when rendered. Acceptance of master account billing presumes agreement of a monthly finance charge of one and one-half percent (1.5%) for late payment.

Once the conference is being held at the hotel, every effort will be made to present food and beverage function checks and all other charges to authorized person for signature prior to posting to master account. Our credit manager will be happy to meet with the meeting planner prior to the meeting to review billing instructions and is available by appointment to review the master account prior to the group's departure.